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Rotaract European Meeting (REM) is a bi-annual conference aimed at promoting international exchange among Rotaractors. Each time, it is hosted by one of the 47 European member countries of ‘Rotaract Europe’ (the European Rotaract Information Centre) MDIO, which comprises of more than 24,000 members aged 18-30. The REM enables Rotaractors to meet, mingle, exchange ideas, cooperate, brainstorm on projects, and have fun, as well as explore the beauties of the host country.

Formally, REM includes all kinds of workshops and seminars, and an opening ceremony with country booths (an opportunity for each country to showcase their local traditions and products), a Gala Dinner, day trips around the country and an E.R.I.C. meeting. As true Rotaractors, the event also includes a social project that gives back to the community.

If a four day event is not enough for you, you can always attend Pre- and Post-REM events organised for the most eager participants. These trips give you the chance to explore neighboring cities and allow you to expand your Rotaract friendships.

Social Project

Karaiskakio Foundation

‘a world without Leukemia’

The Karaiskakio Foundation as a nonprofit organization has recorded a remarkable presence in both the humanitarian and scientific fields in Cyprus and has evolved into an internationally recognized Bone Marrow Donors Registry that represents the biggest per capita Donor Registry worldwide. An important objective of the Foundation is the constant and reliable scientific support of patients with haematological malignancies and other related diseases, creating a relationship of shared trust and cooperation based on mutual respect and altruism.

In addition to the scientific support to patients, Karaiskakio Foundation promises that it will always maintain an open, warm, efficient and promising approach, offering services worthy of the expectations of those in need, by pursuing its vision …’a world without leukemia’.

REM Cyprus is going to support the efforts of the Karaiskakio Foundation to further increase the probability in ‘saving lives’. This will be done in a number of ways which include:

  • generating awareness,
  • increasing donors and
  • purchase laboratory equipment for its pediatric unit for child cancer.
Host Organizing Committee
Constantinos Anayiotos

Constantinos Anayiotos

Justin Hadjilambris

Justin Hadjilambris


Thank you to all our sponsors

Thank you to all our supporters